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A List on Being Happier:

1) Stop falling in love with the boy next to you in class that gives you attention. I know he has captivating eyes and a smile full of potential and hair made of the sun, but it won’t be worth it in the end. You’ll thank yourself later.

2) Do not try to listen to happy, upbeat music when you are crying and alone late at night. It will only make you feel lonelier. Learn to embrace the sad music and only then should you wipe away your tears.

3) When your heart feels too heavy, tie balloons of good things to it. Count them as you tie the knots and keep counting until they help pick up the barely-beating organ off the ground.

4) During those moments when you see your former best friends in the hallway, do not sneak away. Do not avoid them. Do not ignore them even though they did the same to you. Square your shoulders and fix your million dollar smile on your face. Talk to your new, better friends. Flip your hair over your shoulders. Be confident.

5) When everything disappears in the room except for one person and you can start to feel your lives connect in a second of eye contact that seems to last an eternity, trust your instincts.

6) The day you see a young yet frazzled mother of three giggly children while you sit in your car, get out. Offer to help get her groceries in her car. Return the cart and wave good-bye to the kids fighting over the front seat.

7) Do not hold grudges against those who did you wrong.

8) When someone spills water all over your work, do not get mad. Instead, help them clean up the mess and start it over. Assure them it’s fine and make jokes. This is how you can make a lifelong friend and a good story.

9) Put flowers on random gravestones and tell the souls beneath that they are loved, if only for a moment.

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Anonymous said: How are y'all finding all these arrest records? Damn

Go to any state/county web site and type in their given names. Most civil/criminal actions are public record.

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No matter your shape, size, color, you are all beautiful.

No matter your shape, size, color, you are all beautiful.

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Oops, I design-raged.

Poster mock-up from here.

Edit: Though I wasn’t explicitly thinking of it at the time, it occurred to me after the fact that the tagline “Women Are Not Outside for Your Entertainment" almost certainly came to my mind because of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s awesome Stop Telling Women to Smile campaign. Credit where credit is due!

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*Anonymous submission:

Just wanted to put this out there for the likes of Veronica and all the infamous attention seekers of the wrestling community and anyplace else really.

The world does NOT revolve around you.

Did you get that? No one is required to: like you, love you, find you…

Proud plus-sized women show off their 'fatkinis'!